Bedsitter design full plan



This is a spacious Bedsitter plan. See how to get the full details below.

Each unit consist of:

  1. Kitchen space
  2. Washroom
  3. Enough space to be used as sitting room and fit a 6×6 bed.

The building is to occupy a 50X100 plot, the total units are 14. All units are equal in size and hence, if you have a smaller piece of land, you just need to reduce the number of units, if your land size is bigger, increase the number units.

Budget- 350k to 450k per unit

To get the full house plan, click on download now, enter the required details which will be used your create account just incase you need to redownload the plan in future. Make the payment through the M-pesa pop that will appear, the system will auto confirm your payment and the download links for all files will be provided. Remember  to leave a review after getting the plan.

The plan you receive consist of:

  1. Full floor plan with all required details including dimensions
  2. Four sides elevations and all required details
  3. Doors and windows schedule

NB: It is recommended to print the plan on an A2 size paper for easy visibility during construction.


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