Best rentals designs in Kenya and floor plans

Rental buildings are among the top profitable investments in Kenya. To own your own rental houses, you will need to start by getting designs of the same. Below, we are going to give you information that will help you pick the best rental houses designs and floor plans.

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Depending on various factors, each individual will go for a certain rental types and designs. It would hence be unproportional to give a few designs and conclude that they are the best for everyone. Instead, we are going to give detailed information that will make sure everyone ends up with the right rental design that fits their case.

What is a rental building?

A rental house is usually a building put for business purposes where a client will make a payment to use it for a certain duration of time as agreed.

Unlike in residential houses such as bungalow or maisonette, when putting up a rental house, you will not be expecting to use it, you should hence always put the clients/tenants first instead of your preferences.

What should a good rental design have?

Here are some things you should look at when picking a good design for your rental houses.

  • Unit types- does the design have the type of units you want? There are different types of units including; bedsitter, single rooms, bedrooms rentals etc
  • Units arrangements- this is a very important thing o check for, each unit should be positioned in a systematic way. For example, in bedroom rentals house design, the position of bedroom should be located at the further ends of the units, the living room should be the entry point of the unit, the kitchen should be located near the living room and the WC(toilet and bathroom) should be located a way from the kitchen if possible.
  • Units sizing- the size of the unit is very important, clients/tenants are going to look at this keenly. When picking how your units are going to be sized, you should put your target client in mind. For example, for single rooms, the users in most cases do not have a family or a lot of households hence standard small sized units will be convenient. On the otherhand, bedroom rentals will be used by tenants with families hence will require more space.
    Correct sizing should also include well sized rooms. The WC should be correct sized to accommodate both huge and small persons. This should also apply to all other rooms.
  • Provision and convenience access of important enmities- enmities such as WC(toilet and bathroom) are very important, in a good rental house design, such enmities should be positioned where every one can access them with ease even when they are to be shared by the tenants. It would be inconvenient to have the WC only in ground such that tenants from upper floors will have to go to ground floor when in the need of using them.
  • Finishes- finishes are what will determine how your rental house will appear. If you have a beautiful rental, then it will be a natural attraction to the clients. A good design should portray how the house should like.
    Finishes include provision of Windows, doors and a beautiful roof. Windows should be aligned in the same height, windows for WCs should be at the top.
    Doors are supposed to open in the a logical way, in most cases, they open inside ways since they would block those passing on the outside if they were to open in the outside side.
    The roof should also be beautifully designed, this is one part of the building that gives it a good external appearance hence should be designed precisely.

Decisions to make when picking a rental design

In order to give your designer, architect or engineer the best idea of the design you need, you will need to make several considerations and factors that will lead to a perfect house plan with regard to your needs.

Below is look at the factors that will help you make the perfect decision on each case.

Types of rentals

When rentals can be classified into different types, there are two broad categories that you will need to decide from as below.

  • Storey rentals- these ones are normally characterized by more than one floor, they usually have a ground floor, first floor going onward. Normally, they extend less horizontally than vertically.
  • Single storey building- in common, these ones are referred to as non-storey. They only have the ground floor, their mainly extend horizontally more than vertically.

To decide between the two, you have to consider different factors including the budget you have, in most cases, a single storey building costs less as to compared to multi storey building.

The size of land you have and the units you need will also be something to consider. If you have less space but need more units, you might decide to request for a storey rental design.

Types of units

The next thing to make a decision about is the types of units that your design should have, the units are determined by the rooms design. Here is a look at different types of units that you can pick for your design.

  • Single rooms- these usually contain only one room, the room can be of different sizes but in common, it is not very large. Other enmities such as utility rooms(toilet) and bathrooms are usually shared hence located outside.
  • Bedsitters- a bedsitter is usually a self hosting house, it usually contain an open space that can be used as bedroom and living room, a kitchen and WC. In most cases, piped water is also provided and a sink.
  • Bedroom rentals units- these ones can be one, two bedrooms, three bedrooms and going upwards. The two bedrooms and one bedroom ones are the most popular ones. Bedroom units should also include other rooms such as a kitchen and WC.
  • Apartments- this ones are considered as the most classy rental houses. The need a high budget to put up but clients are also to pay high rental charges.

Above is look at what you will need to look at in order to end up with the best rental houses designs in Kenya, we hope this article was helpful. Cheers!!