Best 6 bedrooms house designs in Kenya and floor plans

The home building process requires you to look for a nice design and floor plans that will guide the building team as they put up the house. If you decide to go for a 6 bedrooms house, you are in the right place, we are going to see how you will end with the best design.

maisonette design

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When getting your design, you will need to look for a professional building designer. After you have identified the right profession to do your house design, you will need to create a picture of what you want, they are then going to produce you a good house plan. The information below will help you create the best image to the designer and also know what to check for on the design for correction purposes.

Considerations to make for the best 6 bedrooms house design

The factors below will be what will help you end up with the best house plan if they are applied correctly.

House type choice

There are usually different residential houses with regard to their designs. Below are the two most popular, for a six bedrooms house, you can choose one of them.

  • Bungalow- the type of house is the most popular in Kenya, it usually contain only the ground floor and extends horizontally. The roof part in some cases contains rooms but in Kenya, this is not common and instead a ceiling is placed.
  • Maisonette- this type normally have two floors, that is, ground floor and first floor. The house hence extends vertically and requires detailed planning than the bungalow since it will have columns, slabs and beams.

Each of the above house type is adequate for a 6 bedrooms house, the choice you make will be to your personal preference and budget plus space. If you have less land space, you can go for the one that extends vertically.

Rooms to be included

After you have decided the type of house you want, the next thing you will have to decide is the number of other rooms to be in your home expect the six bedrooms.

The rooms will be in regard to your needs and life style. A six bedroom house will mean that you are expecting the occupants to be many. These will mean that some important rooms will be more too.

Below is a look at rooms that you can pick to be included, some are highly recommended not to be omitted.

  • Living room- the room is used for general household activities like resting and watching TV. The room is an important room and most homes in Kenya have it.
  • Kitchen- for food preparation, a kitchen will be used. You might hence have to include it.
  • Dining room- the room is purposefully meant for serving and taking food.
  • Utility rooms- this is a very important room and should never miss in any home. Modern house designs come with it included. The utility room can also be more than one depending on your preferences.
  • Bathroom- this is yet another important room that is required or hygiene purposes.
  • Bedrooms- while obviously the house will have 6 bedrooms, you should choose which ones will be master bedrooms and common bedrooms.
  • Gym- the room is important for those who love fitness.
  • Pantry- this is a room used for storing items that will be used for cooking.
  • Store- a store is important for keeping more general items.
  • Study room- the room will be used for personal research and studies.
  • Play room- the room is important if you have kids and want an indoor place for them to play.
  • Prayer room- for any one who is religious, you might need the room.
  • Guest room- here, you will welcome visitors including strangers.

Rooms positioning

The design you pick should have a nice rooms arrangement and positioning. In most cases, the private rooms are usually placed where they can only be used by only those who are allowed to use them while general rooms are placed where everyone can easily access them.

Below is a look at some ideas on rooms arrangements.

  • Living rooms- the room in most cases is placed near the entry point of the house. This will make sure that everyone including visitors can access it with ease.
  • Kitchen- in most cases, its located nearer to the living and next to the window for lighting purposes.
  • Dinning room- the room is positioned next to the kitchen to allow for quick serving of food.
  • Bedrooms- these are more private rooms and should be located further from the entry point. In most cases, it is located at the further ends or corners of the house.
  • Utility rooms- there should be always a common utility room that should be positioned where everyone can access them. Other utility rooms can also be in the master bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms- the bathroom is normally located next or nearer to the utility room.

Rooms sizing

Another yet important consideration to look at is how huge the rooms should be. The type of house you are going for is a large one, this makes it logical to have rooms considerably large.

Here is look at some largest recommended sizes of different rooms. It is advised to reduce but not increase the measurements if there is need for modifications since the rooms below are already huge.

  • Lounge-6.50mX8.50m
  • Master bedrooms-5.50mX7.00m
  • Bedrooms-4.50mX5.00m
  • Kitchen-4.00mX5.00m
  • Dinning room-4.50mX5.00m
  • Utility room-2.50mX3.50m
  • Bathroom-2.75mX4.00m


We all love beautiful things, the finishes used in the design should give an attractive home. Below is look at finishes that contribute to the appearance of a building.

  • Paints
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roof
  • Staircases
  • Tiles
  • Entry porch

All the above should be properly sized, given a good shape, be in adequate number and be designed precisely. The result will be a very beautiful home design.

Above is look at how you will get the best home design, we hope the article was helpful and wish you the best as you get your house design. Cheers!!