Best iron sheets in Kenya and top suppliers

Roofing is as an essential part of the building, it is the roof that protects us from harsh weather conditions, also, the design of the roof gives the house a beautiful exterior appearance. Iron sheets are one the of most used materials in roofing. Below we are going to look at factors to consider when buying iron sheets, top manufacturers and some of the best types of iron sheets in Kenya.

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Iron sheets suppliers in Kenya

Currently, we are working on the list to make sure we only recommend best suppliers, when we encounter reputable ones, we are them below. However, here some recommended things a good supplier should have:

  • Offer all types of iron sheets making it easy to get your choice
  • Offer iron sheets from reputable manufacturers
  • Should ask for payment on delivery and not before delivery
  • Offer free delivery for any one buying high number of iron sheets
  • Quality services including help you pick the best iron sheets
  • Provide different sizes

Factors to consider when buying iron sheets

In order to get the best iron sheets, there are some considerations you need to make. First, even before you decide whether to use or not to use iron sheets for your building, you will need to consider the intended purpose  of your building. For example, instead of using iron sheets on a temporarily building, you can use plastic sheets.

Below are some of the considerations you have to make when choosing iron sheets:


In the case of the size, you will have two considerations to make, that is; length/width and the gauge.


In Kenya, iron sheets are available in the following lengths; 2 Meters, 2.5 Meters and 3 Meters. The width is usually constant at 0.85 Meters for all the lengths. You should make a correct choice of length in regard to the design of your roof and size of he building. In case you are not sure, you should consult with your construction professionals.


The iron sheet gauges in the country are usually two, that is, 32 and 30. The gauge is what determines how thick an iron sheet is, the lower the gauge the thicker the iron sheet is.


Iron sheets come either as precolored or plain color. In case of precolored iron sheets, the main colors to choose from are green, blue and red. The plain ones do not have any color and can be painted after being fixed on the roof.

precolored iron sheets


The cost of iron sheets is also another factor you will have to consider, this is usually a factor of the above mentioned considerations. The thicker the gauge and the longer the iron sheets the more they will cost.

Types of iron sheets in Kenya

The classification of iron sheets is done according to the various designs from the manufacturers. This designs are gotten by various patterns used when making the ridges found on iron sheets. Below we are going to see these types based on the design.

1. Valley/ordinary iron sheets

These ones are the most used in many residential houses, they usually have a round shaped valley which is usually spaced out at close intervals. You can also call them normal iron sheets. See image below.

normal iron sheets

2. Oriental iron sheets

In this type, there are round ridges which are divided into short rows across the length. This gives a beautiful appearance resembling that of tile finishing.

3. Versatile iron sheets

In the Versatile types of iron sheets,  the ridges are usually box like and are divided into short spans across the length.

versatile iron sheets

4. Box profile iron sheets

In the box profile types the ridges are usually very wide boxes running along the sheets as seen below.

Box profile iron sheets

Above are some of the iron sheets designs you can choose from, all mentioned types are available in the Kenyan market at very good quality, just choose the design that fits your need.

Top manufacturers of iron sheets in Kenya

Below are some of the manufacturers that you can order iron sheets from, or even from one of their retailers. Some brands are even available in hardwares all over the country.

1. Royal mabati

This manufacturers offers high quality iron sheets available in different designs mentioned above, gauges and lengths. visit their website

2. Maisha mabati

This is yet another popular manufacturer of iron sheet in Kenya, you can order their iron sheets from them directly from other suppliers and hardwares.

3. Dumu zas iron sheets

Just like the two mentioned above, this manufacturer is popular among Kenyans. Their iron sheets are available in hardwares, from suppliers or even directly from them.

Installation of iron sheets

As we mentioned before, the roof appearance greatly influences how attractive a home appears from the outside. How the roof is installed should be a great concern to you.

To get the best, we propose that you look for a professional roof fixer (Fundi). The professional should provide previous done work and prove to you that they did the work is theirs.

In case you go for the none painted iron sheets, it is recommended to paint them in future. This will not just affect the appearance of your house, but also increase the durability of the iron sheets. Still, you should look for a professional painter for the work, also choose an attractive paint color or ask for help from your painter.

It is recommended to collect water from your roof, you will hence need gutters and a water tank. A plastic water tank is recommended, you should also make sure that the material used to make the iron sheets you are going for do not have harmful effects, for example, asbestos roofs are known to cause cancer and hence not recommended at all.

From the above, we hope you will be able to choose the best iron sheets for you roof. Cheers!!








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