What camera specification should I consider when buying a smartphone?

Commonly when looking for a quality phone, the camera is one of the important consideration. Megapixel is usually the common provided feature and it is what most people will look for. If you are looking for a smartphone with the ability of capturing high quality images, the megapixel is not the main thing to consider, it is only important if you are concerned with the size as explained here Instead, you should consider the camera Sensor features.

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The sensor itself is what determines the megapixel hence the size of the image, but it does not just determine the size, it also determines other variables such as image resolution, aperture and shutter speed. Aperture is the amount of light entering the camera, Shutter speed is how long a camera spends before it shows a clear image.

Aperture and shutter speed are very important when choosing the smartphone with the best camera features, of course megapixel is too but it is common to find a camera with high MP say 16MP but with poor aperture and shutter speed and  a camera with lower MP e.g 12 MP pixels put high aperture and shutter speed.

How to check for the two important features on the smartphone specification list??

The camera aperture is usually indicated by letter f. on the specifications list you will find something like: f/2.8 or f/3 or f/3.2 or f/4 etc.

In most smartphones the shutter speed can be changed through camera settings, however, each comes with a minimum shutter speed that can be applied. the rating is usually something like 1/150 to 30 seconds. This means you can set the camera to act between 150th of a second to 30 seconds.

So how do I choose??

For aperture, a lower rating means more light is entering the camera and high rating means only less light is been allowed in. If a lot of light is allowed in it means that the image is likely to be blurry hence low quality. This means you should choose a smartphone with higher aperture rating. For example a smartphone camera with a rating of f/3.2 will give good images than the one with a rating of f/2.8

In terms of shutter speed, a smartphone camera will capability of absorbing light in a shorter time will produce higher quality images because it means less light is been absorbed reducing the blurry  effect. Hence choose the one with the least shutter speed rating.

We hope the above will at least help you as  you choose one of the important feature of your next smartphone. You can always Search for any smartphone you are looking for on our site and get it at competitive prices from seller in Kenya.


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